Island School Alumni Association

Island School Alumni Association (“ISAA”) was established and registered as a Society under the Societies Ordinance on 13 October 2005 to provide a link for the “Island School Community”.  It facilitates communication between current and past students, staff and parents (affectionately known as “Islanders”) to fulfil our mission statement:

What We Do..

1.             Establish and sustain a network of Islanders (ex-students, ex-parents and ex-staff) globally;

2.                   Collaborate with the Higher Education Department to secure intern and mentorship programs (ISIMP);

3.                   Host social gatherings and networking events globally;

4.                   Support current students’ learning through the Elements Programs and Island Time;

5.                   Support annual school events: Graduation Fair, Careers Panel, Careers Fair, Y13 Alumni Registration;

6.                   Support fundraising events to benefit Island School; notably the Island School Trust and the Island School Spirit Fund;

7.                   Maintain a “point of contact” through the Alumni Office at Island School;

8.                   Celebrate Island School’s history – the 40th Anniversary (2007) and 50th Anniversary and Redevelopment (2017);

9.                   Work with all stakeholders associated with Island School; School Council and the Parent Teachers’ Association.

ISAA’S Executive Committee:

President & IS Trust Representative

Jonathan Hui

(96515 Rutherford)


Hyung Joo Ahn

(14401 Nansen)

Vice President

Christopher Ma

(99145 Da Vinci)


Samuel Wu

(95140 Da Vinci)

Vice President

& Overseas Co-ordinator.

Tom Banks

(75502 Rutherford)

Committee Members

Christina Yu

Karen Wang

Paul Marriott

Hector Lee

(08334 Fleming)

(01450 Nansen)

(96427 Nansen)

(84449 Nansen)