Island School Alumni Association

Island School Alumni Association (“ISAA”) was established and registered as a Society under the Societies Ordinance on 13 October 2005 to provide a link for the “Island School Community”.  It facilitates communication between current and past students, staff and parents (affectionately known as “Islanders”) to fulfil our mission statement:

What We Do..

1.             Establish and sustain a network of Islanders (ex-students, ex-parents and ex-staff) globally;

2.                   Collaborate with the Higher Education Department to secure intern and mentorship programs (ISIMP);

3.                   Host social gatherings and networking events globally;

4.                   Support current students’ learning through the Elements Programs and Island Time;

5.                   Support annual school events: Graduation Fair, Careers Panel, Careers Fair, Y13 Alumni Registration;

6.                   Support fundraising events to benefit Island School; notably the Island School Trust and the Island School Spirit Fund;

7.                   Maintain a “point of contact” through the Alumni Office at Island School;

8.                   Celebrate Island School’s history – the 40th Anniversary (2007) and 50th Anniversary and Redevelopment (2017);

9.                   Work with all stakeholders associated with Island School; School Council and the Parent Teachers’ Association.

ISAA’S Executive Committee:

President ……….

Michael Lok

(06116 Da Vinci)


Jonathan Hui

(96515 Rutherford)

Vice President..

Samuel Wu

(95140 Da Vinci)


Christopher Ma

(99145 Da Vinci)

Vice President..

Carlton Lai

(06113 Da Vinci)

Vice President

& UK Co-ordinator.

Tom Banks

(75502 Rutherford)